• Bat Mitzvah Joel Dames Photography

We are husband-and-wife, Seattle based photographers. (read about us)
We do all kind of photography such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, auctions, and corporate and family portraits.

For any of our events we can do our Photo Booth – not just a tiny.

Hitomi and Joel

Smaller House HDR

Real-Estate Photography

If you want to be a real-estate photographer, get to know a listing agent. The listing agent is the seller's ...
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Dog Treats

Dog Treats

First thing I noticed was "Dog Treats" when I began to walk toward Shoreline Farmers Market yesterday.   She is friendly and a ...
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photography in gardens

Photography in Gardens

After we bought our first digital EOS Rebel in 2003, it took several months for me to start photographing. I ...
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HDR image

Eye-Popping Dynamic Range HDR Images

Dynamic Range I bought my last film camera, a Canon EOS 1N in mid-1990. We switched to digital when the first ...
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