Erase White Background Using Erase White Paper

I have to admit that erasing white background using Erase White Paper with Affinity Photo wasn’t the answer!

When I saw Erase White Paper and tested, it seemed to work perfectly.

Erase White Paper

Erase White Paper is under Filters – Colours


But, guess what happened to this image?

Erase White Peper

After applying Erase White Paper


Yeah, not only white background disappeared but also their white shirts and all other white parts are gone! This means that teeth and white part of eyes would be gone. 😓

Also, if you look at the image after I did Erasing White Paper, you can see some parts became transparent such as the kid’s face, arm, cap, and even a part of the man’s black jacket.

Here is the image after replacing background using Erasing White Paper.

Erase White Paper

After applying Erase White Paper with a new background


Erase White Background Using Selection Brush and Quick Mask

So, I had to delete the background the same way as I do with Photoshop.

I selected the white background using Selection Brush Tool. Then I applied Quick Mask to make sure only the white background was selected. If so, I could delete the background.


Here is the image after replacing background with an image that I shot at Pike’s Market.

Father & Son

Father & Son by the dentist office

Whether or Not to Use Green Screen

If you are using a green screen background, the easiest way to get rid of the background is to use a green screen software, such as Green Screen Wizard. Otherwise a white background is still easiest to delete because if you use a green screen, it may reflect on the person, so it makes harder to work. (You need enough room between the subject and green screen.)


(The original photo of Son & Father was shot at Madeline & Josh’s Wedding Photo Booth. We had such a fun time.)


Here is what our client did with our white background portrait.

Joel Dames Photography 
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