We had  two green screen photo booth last month — Grand Opening for The Everett Clinic, Shoreline and Passport to Washington Gala for Washington State Jewish Historical Society.

This is how our green screen photo booth works

We had our setup under this tent for the Everett Clinic Photo Booth.


Green Screen Photo Booth at the Everett Clinic, Shoreline

You can see yourself in live on the monitor in front of you. So pose the way you like to be shot. What you see on the screen will be appear when we shoot.


green screen background on the screen

Then you will see the same image in a different background on the screen.


The Everett Clinic digital background

You will receive the print with background that your sponsor choose. And you will be able to see images on our Facebook page within 48 hours. You can download your image from FB.


Advise for green screen photo booth and green screen portrait

Do not wear green on you.  You can see the background though your clothes after your image is on another background.


Also avoid blue. Here are samples for blue on different backgrounds. Both persons wear light blue shirts and blue jeans. But two different blues affect differently on background colors.

We put a layer in between background and people to stop see-through.  Left is the original green screen shot.


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